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9/11 Never Forget™ Commemorative Lapel Pin

9/11 Never Forget™ Commemorative Lapel Pin

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Where were you when the world stopped turning?

The September 11th, 2001 attack was the deadliest terrorist act in world history, and the most devastating foreign attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor in 1941. Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives on 9/11, along with many still dealing with deteriotating health conditions from dust, debris, and rubble during the rescue effort/cleanup of Ground Zero. Their bravery, sacrifices, and courage will never be forgotten.
100% of all proceeds are donated to charities that benefit the victims & families of 9/11. Each pin in this special commemorative collection is limited edition, designed and shipped in the USA, and is unique to Fallen Yet Not Forgotten. Get yours today.