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The Military News Hub That You’re Probably Missing...

          Want to keep up on military news and issues within the organization? 

          Ready for sassy jokes and a few sketchy tales?

          Hungry for military trivia, stories and anecdotes?

          Looking to make connections in the military community?

          Well the social media site that you need to be on is...Twitter!


          Active duty and veteran service members alike are using the short, snappy, highly interactive platform to connect and document their experiences. 

          Of course you want in 😉

          And we’ve got your six. Here are 3 military Twitter Accounts that you need to be following!


#1. Angry Staff Officer @pptsapper

          At 50k followers, Angry Staff Officer is an incredibly popular voice in the military Twitter community. 

          As he describes himself: 

          History person, Army officer, transplanted Buckeye. Writes stuff. Some Star Wars. One half of @warstoriescast. Views do not reflect or represent the DoD's.”

          As well as being an Army officer, he advocates for military issues, attends veteran events and shares stories from history re-told in his signature dry humour style. 

          You’ll laugh and learn from his tweets. 

          And the occasional times where he gets inebriated on classy sounding alcohol and goes on a Twitter rant are just hilarious!


                Enjoy commentary on the military in pop culture and movies!

Learn your history while getting some laughs.

          #2.  U.S Army WTF! Moments 

          Mixing humour with all kinds of relevant military news, this account run by @CJ_usawtfm?s=17 will keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the community. 

         In their own words: 

         “The one (and only) Official US Army WTF! Moments twitter account! Tweets by @CJ_usawtfm. Have a WTF? Send us a DM or check our FB and website!”

          Avoid a common scam that targets civilians who support military members and think they are dating them...get educated & stay safe!


          Looking to own an unknown “military communications tool” that this guy totally claims to have permission form the Army to sell? Your search is OVER. 

          Even when put a bunch of young people together with military training, the Area 51 storming craze still does not escape you.
           Check them out ASAP for all of your best news and WTF moments!


#3. Soldier for Life @csaSoldier4Life

          This account has accepted the great mission of: 

          “Official account for #SoldierforLife. We connect @USArmy, gov’t & community to facilitate reintegration of #Soldiers & #Vets (Follow, RTs, Likes ≠ endorsement)”

          Heartwarming stories of soldiers returning home and communities helping them reintegrate well are going to make your day!

          Plus you’ll get a ton of ideas on how to support your veterans and soldiers. What an all around win!

 Share this with your soldier to help them assess their health risks. 

Get your #MotivationMonday on!

We hope you enjoy these accounts for their information, connections and a few laughs! Happy Tweeting!



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