Meeting The Real People Behind “Fallen Yet Not Forgotten”

Hello friends!

So to start out this blog, we want to introduce some of the topics that we will cover along with the values that we hold to. 

You see, Fallen Yet Not Forgotten is not just another brand that doesn’t care. Supporting our military and veterans is a personal cause for each and every one of us here on the team. 

Some of us have fathers who served. 

Some, uncles, aunts or cousins. 

Some have active duty brothers and/or sisters who continue to serve.

Some, veterans of World War II, the Vietnam War or the Gulf Wars who have since passed. 

And there are always many, many who continue to struggle (along with their families) from the impact of their service. 

Their sacrifice is not small and it should not be taken lightly. 

Through our connections to veterans, active duty members and the families of those who served, we will be posting blogs on topics such as: 

  • P.T.S.D
  • T.B.I (Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • Supporting Military Families
  • Supporting Veteran Families
  • Homelessness Awareness & Prevention
  • Stories of service 
  • Stories of the heroes who served (anyone who serves is a hero, in our definition.)
  • Personal accounts of coming back to the civilian world
  • What veterans wish that civilians knew more about or understood about their service and life after the fact. 

As we continue to honor, educate and support our veterans and active-duty service members, we welcome your stories and feedback. 

Did we miss a topic that you’d love information on?

Do you want to share the story of your own service or that of a loved one? 

Please contact us or comment below. 

We are grateful for you beyond anything that words can convey. 

Thank you!

          The Fallen Yet Not Forgotten Team

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