Orville Emil Bloch: A Heroic Journey Through World War II and Beyond

Orville Emil Bloch, born on February 10, 1915, left an indelible mark on the pages of American military history. A United States Army officer, he distinguished himself in World War II, earning the nation's highest military honor—the Medal of Honor—for his exceptional bravery and leadership. This blog chronicles the remarkable life of Orville Emil Bloch, a man whose courage resonates through the annals of war.

Early Life and Struggles: Hailing from Streeter, North Dakota, Bloch's journey into the military began in February 1942. Little did he know that his small-town roots would shape the foundation of an extraordinary legacy. The path to greatness was not without challenges, but Bloch's determination and sense of duty propelled him forward.

Military Enlistment and Heroics: By September 22, 1944, Orville Emil Bloch had risen to the rank of first lieutenant, serving in Company E, 338th Infantry Regiment, 85th Infantry Division. On this pivotal day near Firenzuola, Italy, Bloch exhibited unparalleled courage. Leading a small group of soldiers, he orchestrated an audacious attack on enemy positions. His actions resulted in the capture of nineteen prisoners and the neutralization of five menacing machine gun nests. It was a defining moment that would etch his name into the history books.

Defining Moment: Bloch's Medal of Honor citation vividly captures the intensity of his heroics. Taking on the formidable task of eliminating five enemy machine gun nests, Bloch led his volunteers with unwavering determination. Charging into a hail of automatic fire, he captured multiple machine gun crews, single-handedly dismantling the enemy's defenses. His fearless actions not only saved countless lives but also inspired his company to press on with newfound vigor.

Post-War Life and Career: Orville Emil Bloch's dedication to service didn't end with World War II. He continued to contribute to the nation's defense, serving in the Korean War and reaching the distinguished rank of colonel before retiring in 1970. Beyond the battlefield, he exemplified resilience and commitment to duty.

Military Awards and Decorations: Bloch's valor did not go unnoticed. In recognition of his conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity, he was awarded the Medal of Honor on February 10, 1945. His feats on the battlefield—capturing 19 prisoners, eliminating five machine gun nests, and inspiring his comrades—underscored the essence of heroism.

Conclusion: Orville Emil Bloch's life epitomizes the courage and selflessness that define true heroes. From a small town in North Dakota to the battlegrounds of World War II and beyond, Bloch's legacy is one of unwavering dedication to duty and extraordinary bravery. His actions not only earned him the highest military honor but also ensured that his story would be forever etched in the tapestry of American heroism. Orville Emil Bloch's spirit lives on, an inspiration for future generations to emulate in the face of adversity.

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Thank you for this blog about my Dad. I am so proud of him and grateful for him.

David Bloch

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