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K-9 Veteran Pin
K-9 Veteran Pin

K-9 Veteran Pin

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K-9 Veteran

The US Military working dog pin, featuring a bronze plated German Shepherd K-9 complete with patriotic angel wings, this pin is the perfect gift for you or a loved one who has served our country with honor and pride. 

  • Dual-post mount to secure your pin wherever you like!
  • Perfect to wear on hats, vests, jackets, shirts, bags, etc.
  • All pins at Fallen Yet Not Forgotten are hand-made and all are designed/shipped in the USA. Get yours today.
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    “The capability they (Military Working Dogs) bring to the fight cannot be replicated by man or machine. By all measures of performance, their yield outperforms any asset we have in our inventory. Our Army (and military) would be remiss if we failed to invest more in this incredibly valuable resource.”
With over 1,600 US Military working dogs in service today, our furry soldiers have served in every major US conflict for the past 100 years, unofficially dating back to World War 1. From 1966-1973, over 5,000 “war dogs” along with 10,000+ handlers served our country in the Vietnam War. These K-9 units are estimated to have saved over 10,000+ lives over the course of the war, all while losing 232 military working dogs and 295 US Soldiers serving as their handlers. Our K-9’s have been involved in every major conflict since, taking part in the raid on Osama Bin Laden as well as countless other missions with US Special Operations groups. We owe our K-9 Veteran’s and their handlers a debt of gratitude for their service and sacrifice.